The Migpog

The Migpog is made by children who dream. He’s friendly and helpful, not scary or mean.”

 This story is sure to delight and help keep those little eyes shut throughout the night. An enchanting story introducing the imaginative Migpog to young readers with beautiful colourful illustrations throughout. Caroline Saunders – Author

You can purchase your very own Migpog book here!

We are working with ‘Migpog Creations’ to bring a unique fondant modelling workshop to schools. The goal of our educational workshops is to inspire student’s creativity, by engaging them in a fun hands-on learning experience, in the classroom.

Class information…

  • Creating both two-dimensional and three-dimensional Migpog figurines
  • Rolling, kneading, cutting and shaping fondant with tools to make the various Migpog shapes and patterns
  • Piping buttercream frosting onto a baked cupcake

Please contact us for more details on how we can help your school.