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Indulge your loved ones in a unique and tasty gift, suitable for any occasion!

Hampers may just be the ideal gift you’re looking for… Mother’s Day, End-of-year Teacher’s gifts, Corporate Thank-you’s, or even indulging a loved one.

Birthday gifts? Anniversary? Even a ‘Hero’ you know? We got you covered!

Don’t forget our mouthwatering Mince Pies, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without them!

Christmas countdown is on!

 We’re not ready to put up the tree or brace the shops just yet,
We need to plan and prep, were going to be busy, best not forget.

There were plenty of calls and messages during the last festive season,
“We want to order your mince pies” shouted customers, “We really need them!”

It certainly felt at times like we were baking in our sleep,
Counting mince pies, instead of white fluffy sheep.

Many agree that ours are the best, it’s a well-known fact,
The kitchen last year was full of these delicious treats, almost 7000 to be exact.

Hampers to thank the teachers and a great idea for corporate gifts,
Grab a pen and piece of paper, let’s start making those lists.

This year we are ready, bakers hats firmly in place,
On our mark, set and go! We are definitely going to win this race

So, don’t wait for Father Christmas, his reindeer or his elves,
What we create is far nicer than anything you’ll find on the supermarket shelves!

Get in touch with us now to pre-order your Christmas goody box,
Let’s be honest, nobody wants another pair of Secret Santa socks!

End-of-Year Teachers’ Gift

  • $25.00 for a box of 6 cupcakes