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The opportunity to provide an engaged and inspirational learning experience is something we are passionate about at Ksquared Kreative. The goal of our classes is to provide an environment to inspire children’s creativity through discovering a new skill.  Our fun & educational activities allow students to connect learning to their own passions and interests, in a co-curricular programme delivered to students of all ages.

Language and Literacy

The methodology used in our cupcake classes augments and consolidates existing literacy skills while also developing and stretching children’s literacy as they acquire new vocabulary. Our classes contribute to this in the following ways:

  • Students follow age-appropriate step-by-step instructions, both verbal and written.
  • Along with learning new words; the names of ingredients and decorating tools used in our class; students will practice using new vocabulary in context.
  • The combination using most of their senses in a tactile environment will help reinforce the learning experience.


Math’s concepts are prevalent throughout the cupcake creating process. Guiding the children through the process we have the opportunity to facilitate and reinforce mathematical concepts. Students will:

  • Decorate cupcakes with two-dimensional and three-dimensional toppers of various shapes.
  • Touch on counting, volume, shape and size, along with using mathematical vocabulary such as ‘more than’ and ‘less than’ when mixing primary colours to form secondary colours.
  • Use sequencing to follow the step-by-step instructions.
  • Learn and draw on their understanding of pattern, using different shape cutters and tools to make various shapes and patterns. Their finished product will have their own personal touch, which students really enjoy.


Students will gain an understanding of fondant being classed as solid matter. Fondant changes shape and becomes more pliable as it warms up in student’s hands and colours change when they are combined. Concepts such as mixing, effects of temperature, dissolving, floating and sinking are all demonstrated and discussed with students. The activity also gives an opportunity to talk about history and where fondant comes from.

Hand-Eye Coordination and Fine Motor Skills

  • Many of the physical skills needed when moulding fondant and creating detailed toppers help strengthen muscles in students’ hands and fingers.
  • Tasks such as holding a decorating tool, rolling and kneading fondant, cutting and shaping all contribute to developing fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • All five of our senses are stimulated as we let students explore ingredients and equipment, to engage in the sensory learning experience.

Emotional and Social Development 

  • Help to build confidence and a sense of achievement in providing a social activity in an informal and safe environment.
  • Students will learn to share, take turns and enjoy an activity together and please don’t forget the best part – sitting down together to eat what they have made.
  • It’s a great opportunity for students to develop some basic food hygiene knowledge and decorating skills as well as try something new and exciting.

Food Hygiene, Health, Safety & Sustainability

Students will learn basic concepts of food safety habits and hygiene such as:

  • Correct food preparation and allergy awareness
  • Hand washing is very important when dealing with food
  • Using the different type of tools, we show how they are used correctly and discuss how to prevent injuries in the kitchen.
  • Food Storage
  • Providing their own containers (if required) they see how they are limiting the waste on our planet
  • We ensure that we bring to the children’s attention that cupcakes are a ‘sometimes food’ and the importance of being ‘treat wise’.

Allergy Information: Our cupcakes and fondant are nut-free, an ingredient list will be provided to schools upon request.


All our children loved participating in the Ksquared Kreative cupcake class at our holiday club which was held at St Stephen’s School.  Kelly & Kelly are friendly, engaging and great with the kids. The children were so proud of their creations and we highly recommend Ksquared Kreative for this fun activity.

Laura Hurley, Children’s Events Coordinator.  Winterfest Holiday Club

Kingsway Christian College After School Care loved having Ksquared Kreative with us for our incursion during the school holidays. The children enjoyed making fondant toppers for their cupcakes.  Kelly Lee-Bell and Kelly Robertson-Kay were very helpful during the sessions showing the children how to use different tools and how to model the fondant into different shapes.

Brooke Marshall, After School Care Coordinator.  Kingsway Christian College

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