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Happy Easter to all… it’s this Friday!

Chocolate, chocolate where art though?!

Easter egg craze hit the shops weeks ago so it’s tough to avoid the temptation of overloading on that creamy, sweet and delicious treat that lasts a moment on the lips but a lifetime on the hips!

Not many of us can resist chocolate at the best of times so when Easter rolls around, we indulge a bit too much.

We can only hope the Easter bunny brings us some of our favourite chocies.

Lint bunny

Easter Tip

We enjoy making some of our own Easter eggs and it’s a great activity that kids can join in on in the kitchen.  Ours have a blast mixing colours and pouring them into different moulds which can be bought from most supermarkets or craft stores this time of year.Choc Moulds

If you thinking of having a go at making some then either melt chocolate at short bursts in the microwave and stir until melted or a double boiler can be used.

Add powered colouring (baking stores stock these – avoid liquid colour as this will solidify the chocolate) to the chocolate, stir and pour into your moulds to then cool in the fridge for approx 30 minutes.

Markets Update

There have been a few markets that we have attended in the past month and the most recent was organised by Mili’s Markets and held at Houghton’s Winery ‘Sweet Day Out’.

Sweet Day out

The children loved taking part in our cupcake craft class at the Sweet Day Out.  They had fun making a fondant topper to go on their cupcake to take home and enjoy!

Watch this space for our next market date.

School Holidays around the corner

April School holidays are less than 3 weeks away and our classes are being held on Tuesday 24th and Thursday 26thApril, held at the Kingsley Meerilinga Centre for Children at 10.30am. If you’re looking for a fun and educational activity for your children to do these April school holidays then click below to book.

Cupcake Decorating for Kids

Jive Bunny…

A golden oldie that suits this time of year perfectly!   Jive into Easter with a smile and spring in your step!