Bonne Année, Gelukkige Nuwejaar, Feliz Año Nuevo and Happy New Year!

We hope everyone enjoyed the festive season.   It feels like it was a bit of a blur for us leading up to Christmas as it’s one our busiest times of the year.

Cake by the Ocean - picture
Nailed it!

Early January we had a wonderful family camping holiday at Cervantes  (a great family spot that has been refurbished) and just had to share with you the photo we took of a brownie that we placed on top of one of our kid’s buckets!!

We thought we were being so clever and creative with what we had to hand on the beach but the end result was more of a ‘nailed it’ attempt as you can see.

Did someone say ‘poop by the ocean’ …  Clearly, we didn’t think that through!

Cake by the Ocean – the family edit!

Highlights of 2017

We rebranded!

Attending our first market which we thoroughly enjoyed. We’ plan on being at several more in March. Further information to follow regarding a few great one’s leading up to Easter in our next Newsletter. Till then check out our Markets page on our website.

Getting involved with vacation care providers delivering cupcake decorating classes as part of their holiday activity programmes.  Take a look at our Holiday Classes for information of a fun activity for your kids to be involved in before the new school year begins.

Classes are on either 23rd or 30thJanuary. Click below to book.

Cupcake Decorating for Kids

Coming in 2018

Just a few of the things we are looking forward to in 2018!

Working with schools to deliver our Educational Classes as a co-curricular activity.

More Hampers and gifts. Our Christmas hampers were such a hit we are will be doing hampers for all occasions. Valentine’s planning starts..

Back to School. For so many reasons! But especially since both our little ones are starting Kindy this year. Our babies are joining their siblings at school and we are so excited for them.

Plus they look so cute in their uniforms.

As if there isn’t enough going on with Back to School and Australia Day, another occasion coming up is Valentine’s Day.

Fun facts:

  • The most popular gift is flowers, then chocolate followed by jewelry.
  • It’s the second most popular month to get engaged after December.
  • Lace is commonly used in valentine’s decorations; it comes from the Latin word – Lacques – which means to snare as in catch a person’s heart.
  • The heart-shaped box was first introduced in 1868.

Take a look at our Valentine Hampers. The photos below could help for some inspiration as homemade goodies may be the way to your loved one’s heart!

If you’re thinking of gifts you want to make yourself, test out this Heart Shaped Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe.

Anything with chocolate in it is always a winner in our households – enjoy!


Valentines Gifts